We offer several services to reach your needs. Depending on price structure or time sensitivity, we at TJ's Courier can make it happen. We are operating 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so arrangements can be made for delivery at any time.

We can save a lot of time and money with skids. We carry 12ft/10ft cargo vans which allows us to get in and out as fast as possible. No more scale delays or traffic with larger trucks.

Get a signed copy of your waybills instantly.

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We offer insurance coverage on freight, loading and unloading of freight. We are fully insured and licensed (including chemical carrying licenses). For more information please contact our office. Additional insurance is also available.

Hourly Rates

Next Day
  • Called in before 10am
  • Delivered in 24 hrs
6 Hours
  • Called in before 10am
  • Delivered by 5pm
3 Hours
  • Called in before 12pm
  • Delivered by 3pm
90 Minutes
  • Called in before 2pm
  • Delivered by 5pm
  • Straight Pickup
  • Straight Delivery

We also offer skid rates based on volume, weight and type of service. Call us for more information.